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1,The main valve in digging machine blocked or not fullyopen the main valve

2,the vent in the cylinder leads to the no action of the excavator's big arm

3.The valve has broken out of the valve

4,the main pump lack of hydraulic excavator

5,or a pilot oil hydraulic excavator

Theabove is a few common causes of the excavator arm movement slow failure, whichis the reason why the main cause of the machine needs to be checked by the ownerhimself.

Inaddition, the big arm excavator no action may also refers to the boom excavatorcannot ascend, when there is a large excavator arm can not improve the fault,we must first check valve handle excavator have oil? Measuring pilot oilpressure, if the pressure is not a specified value, causes the arm of excavator(no action the arm is unable to enhance the value of the hydraulic excavator)pilot is wrong, the specific pressure of not caused the pilot may be due topiston seal damage.

Thebig arm did not move (excavator arm cannot ascend) fault because there may bethe main pump hydraulic excavator hydraulic pilot shortage, insufficient arm ofthe main control valve 1 is faulty. Boom holding valve 2 or 6 cylinder armfault.

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